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Nestled in the Drakensberg mountain range outside of Nelspruit is the famous Kaapsehoop Horse Trails. Established in 1994, and situated on a 17 000 hectare private concession in the forestry plantation in Kaapsehoop .

With over 30years of experience, Christo works on a natural horsemanship basis with the horses. This allows for safe & relaxing horse riding for all rider experience levels on the cross-bred horses on either English or western saddles.

The trails take place in the grasslands, pine forests and along the scenic escarpment views of Kaapsehoop . Kaapsehoop is famous for being the home to wild horses as well as nesting area for blue swallows


Kaapsehoop Horse Trails now also offers a volunteer experience that involves natural horsemanship, the wild horses of the area and the local community:

Learn and experience aspects of natural horsemanship including an introduction to horsemanship, horsemastership, both the stabled and unstabled horse, identification and saddlery, schooling of horses, the health of a horse and basic veterinary, safety around horses, an introduction to nature guiding in the natural environment, creating a guided nature experience, trail guide experience, ploughing and traction with the horse and horse carriage driving.

Kaapsehoop is known for its wild horses and we would like to preserve them. This program aims to study and document them as well as to establish and maintain a database.

The horse trails run on the Berlin forest of the Komatiland forestry company. It houses a compound with about 200 residents, including male, female and children. As part of our social responsibility, we aim to contribute by the following: teaching both children and adults including English, hygiene practices and reading and writing, assist with clothing, grow chickens for meat for the community, improving the general well-being of their cattle by dipping them against tick infestations, using the horse to plough and establish organic vegetables gardens.

Volunteer Work with Horses
Volunteer Work with Horses
Volunteer Work with Horses

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